A Fight You Can't Win

AFYCW RIP 2009-2014


“Do you want to sit down? Mummy, daddy, daddy and I have some news. Now you must remember that we love you very, VERY much and none of this is your fault. We’ve decided that, even though we love each other, we can’t be together anymore. No.. no… it’s nothing you did, you’re a good, [...]

New Video Shoot!!


We are broken… utterly utterly broken.  Lesley has a concussion (for reals) and the rest of us are an aching set of whiners. BUT it’s all been worth it because at some point in the near future we will be unleashing the video for “Jerusalem Crickets” shot and cut by Ciaran Lyons www.seaoflyons.com We’re actually a [...]

Why We Love Ciara


  Soooo we just got a delightful post tour present from our photographer buddy Ciara McMullan – basically these are some of our favourite pics of us ever so go check out her other work!! http://www.flickr.com/photos/ciarasphotography/sets/72157635187877419/ We’re putting together a nice little tour video (which also includes some of her excellent camera work) so we’ll [...]